Sunday, February 1, 2009


In my new photography class, Our teacher assigned us a project to show more about our inner self. So i got a little creative and decided to create an image that took more then a second to look at and understand. 

If you want to look deeper into the message, My Grandfather came up with the word

Introspection which most commonly means A reflection looking inward: an examination on ones own thoughts and feelings. 

I felt like this work fit perfectly with what i was trying to portray in my "Self Portrait" 
I am trying to find out who i really am. and what my purpose is on this earth. 
I am going to show the world how i can truly express my inner self. 

Since the new year, i have come to find that not everything works out the way you plan it to.

I have had a number of let downs in this new year. But i have also had a lot of good things happen as well. 
My pictures of miranda are now on the Ford Modeling website and are being printed on her cards as well. Never in a million years did i think that my work would be good enough to be a part of such a huge company. 

Well i guess it just goes to show you that with horse shit, comes flowers. 


Debra W said...

I knew the moment I saw you, that you were a very special soul who would do incredible things. It might take you a little time to figure out what your place is in this world, but you are young, baby. You will create and recreate, and recreate again. It's all part of the process.

Glad that Pop-pop is versing you in the lessons of introspection!

Love you,

Laura Hegfield said...

very cool photo...I love the symbolism impeded in the imagery...that's the eye and heart of an artist for ya.

gentle steps,